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About bUnited

bUnited is on a Gigantic Mission

bUnited is a movement that unites consumers into one large membership organization with the power to transform the relationship between big business and consumers.

Put Us, the Consumers, and our World First

The change is simple. It is to put consumers and our world first. When good companies that are working to make the world a better place and truly respect their customers get rewarded, the power shifts from Wall Street to the people.

It is Easy - Just Unite

Putting consumers first is not only a simple change -- it is simple to achieve. Consumers only need to do one thing to make it happen. And that one thing is to unite.

bUnited Offers

Members can take advantage of bUnited Offers around the world. We have launched our first bUnited Offers in the United States and Brazil.

Make History With Us

By joining the bUnited movement and telling others to join, you are helping to cause a huge shift in who controls the economy of the world. It is an historic opportunity and we hope you will participate as much as you can.