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Declaration of the Consumer Revolution

Every year the rich get richer, the middle class keeps sinking, and our planet’s resources get further abused.

Wall Street’ drives big companies to continuously increase profits, pushing them further and further to ignore what is good or bad for the world in search of more profits.

It’s time for this to change. It’s time for the Consumer Revolution.


How do we win the Consumer Revolution

It is simple. Unite.

Every businessperson knows these four words: No Customers - No Company. As consumers, we already have all the power we need to win. Imagine if everyone woke up tomorrow and decided to shop just at Costco and never shop at Walmart again – Costco wins and Walmart (or McDonalds or Shell Oil or any other company for that matter) is gone. Gone in one day. That is how much power we have if we act together.

Partner with big Companies

We are not against big companies. We want to partner with the right ones.Everyone knows that big companies give big groups better treatment than individuals; from the speedy group line at Disney World to the discounts big groups get on cell phone and auto insurance.

By joining bUnited you will be part of the largest group of consumers in the world. We are not creating tens of thousands of united customers; we are a movement that is uniting millions and tens of millions of customers.

Get a Better World with bUnited

Protecting our environment, providing food, water and health care to the needy around the world, and making sure the powerful are not taking advantage of the weak and poor - this is what bUnited causes. As individual consumers, we don’t have the time nor the power to fight these fights. bUnited has both.

Our world has urgent problems we can only change being united. By partnering with and rewarding big companies that want to solve these problems, bUnited members can make real large scale changes in the world.

Reward the Good Companies

It is time for a new voice in our economy to be heard, the voice of consumers. And consumers should have the loudest voice, as we are providing all the money that companies need to operate.

We vote with our money. We use the power of our combined consumer money to reward the good companies with our purchases. Companies who give us and our planet the respect we deserve.

Join, Save, Share

Join now and help make bUnited stronger.

Join now and start saving our world.

Join now and tell your friends to join, tell your neighbors and co-workers to join.

Tell your mother to join. bUnited is for every consumer in every country in the entire world.

Remember: Together we win.