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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of bUnited?

bUnited is a movement that unites consumers into one large membership organization to transform the relationship between big business and consumers. For good behavior companies get rewarded with purchases from bUnited members.

Does it cost anything to become a member of bUnited?

bUnited is FREE to all and always will be. You never have to buy anything as a member of bUnited. You simply choose the things you want buy or support. We want to make our community available to everyone worldwide.

As a member, are we able to suggest offers and deals we want?

Yes, definitely. If you have a company that you'd like us to approach, you can send an email to and we will do our best to get you the best deal possible.

Why should I tell my friends & family about bUnited?

By referring friends to join bUnited, you will be helping us, grow our numbers, and become a large customer. As a large customer, we can better reward the good companies and get even better terms and service from them, while doing tremendous good and reaching our targets for our global initiatives faster.

Can anyone join bUnited?

bUnited is open to consumers around the world. If you are under 18 years old (or under 20 years old if you live in Japan), you will need the consent of a parent or guardian to join. We have members from over 120 countries and more members join and are referred by their friends and family every day.

Is bUnited against big businesses?

No, we are not against big businesses. We are all about partnering with good companies. As a matter of fact, big businesses that partner with bUnited will strongly benefit from things like a larger customer base and marketing efficiencies among many other advantages.

When I sign up, am I entitled to participate in offers and discounts immediately?


How does bUnited help the environment?

You can see examples of some of the good we do for the environment on our US offers page, such as saving thousands of square feet of rainforest which serves as a diverse ecosystem for plants, animals and indigenous people, while also offsetting pollution caused by humans which is a huge contributor to climate change.

How do I join bUnited?

It's really easy to join using your Facebook, Twitter or other social media account or email address - you can sign up now to start participating in our membership offers, and learning more about how you can save money, all while saving the world.

What offers are available?

We have launched Offers in the United States and Brazil. If you are in those countries, you can use the Offers tab at the top of every page to see them. We are expanding as quickly as possible to other countries. The quicker and larger bUnited grows, the quicker and better the discounts will be for you and the faster we’ll be helping save the world.

Which kind of Charities do you partner with?

bUnited's charity program is already partnering with charities in many ways and throughout the globe. Charities both help bUnited grow its membership as well as help us deliver on our Global Initiatives.

Can the Charities benefit from bUnited?

All bUnited offers support a Global Cause that many charities pursue. Our Charity partners benefit directly from bUnited offer programs such as the "Save Money Saving the World" initiative.

Do Charities get the donations from bUnited?

Yes, charities receive funds directly from bUnited as they help us deliver on the mission of our bUnited Offers. (e.g. with our Clean Water program for each Movie Theater visit a week’s clean water will be delivered to a child in need).