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What is bUnited

bUnited is a movement that unites consumers into one large membership organization with the power to transform the relationship between big business and consumers. Yet bUnited is about more than just becoming the largest buying group in the world; it’s also about becoming one of the most powerful forces in the world for helping companies improve our environment.  

You Save Money, Saving the World

As a bUnited member, right now you can:

  • Save 16% to 20% off at Wyndham Hotel chain locations and help supply a family in a developing country with clean water for a week.

  • Save 20% every time you send flowers with 1800-Flowers and save 500 square feet of rainforest with every order.

You can find out more about these and other bUnited Offers on our See All Offers page.

Get Started with bUnited

It’s free and easy to join bUnited. When you become a member, you can participate in any offer you like and get multiple or all offers. We encourage our members to spread the bUnited movement with their friends and family.