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Change how companies treat you and our environment.

Join bUnited for a sustainable world, better service and lower prices.

  • Protect the Planet

    sustainable policies

  • Help People

    humanitarian relief

  • Be

    together we have a louder voice

  • Gain

    better customer service

  • Get Lower Prices

    with all major companies

Founding Members of the Consumer Revolution

  • Get a Fair and Sustainable World

    As a huge customer, companies will compete hard for our business. We work only with companies that are committed to making our world a better place.

  • Get Low Prices & Great Service

    As a large group of consumers we get the discounts and better service big groups already enjoy.

  • It’s the Consumer Revolution and It’s Free for Everyone

    Everyone in the world is a consumer at some point. With bUnited, you can help change the world in a way that only a huge group can do.

What people are saying

Professor Stephen S. Cohen
University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley, United States

"By empowering millions, even tens of millions of consumers, bUnited shifts the balance of power from giant corporations over towards consumers - this will revolutionize economies. All to the good, and desperately needed these days."

Veronica Lemos
Product Designer

Florianópolis, Brazil

"More than 50 of my friends have signed up to be members of bUnited. We all believe this is going to change the way big companies treat us and our world and we cannot wait to make it happen."