Every businessperson knows and fears these four words: No Customers - No Company. 
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As consumers, we already have all the power we need to win. Imagine if everyone woke up tomorrow and decided to shop just at Costco and never shop at Walmart again – Costco wins and Walmart (or McDonalds or Shell Oil or any other company for that matter) is gone. Gone in one day. That is how much power we have if we act together.



We are not against big companies. We want to partner with the right ones. 
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Everyone knows that big companies give big groups better treatment than individuals; from speedy check-in lines at airports to the discounts big groups get on cell phones, cars, and insurance. By joining bUnited you will be part of the largest group of consumers in the world. We are not creating tens of thousands of united customers; we are a movement that is uniting millions and tens of millions of customers.



Protecting our environment, providing food, water and health care to the needy around the world, and making sure the powerful are not taking advantage of the weak and poor - this is what bUnited can cause. 
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As individual consumers, we don’t have the time nor the power to cause real change. bUnited has both. Our world has urgent problems we can only change being united. By partnering with and rewarding companies that want to solve these problems, bUnited members can make real large-scale changes in the world – not greenwashing, but substantive change.



It is time for a new voice in our economy to be heard, the voice of consumers. 
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And consumers should have the loudest voice, as we are providing all the money that companies need to operate. We vote with our money. We use the power of our combined consumer money to reward the good companies with our purchases. Companies who really give us and our planet the respect we deserve.



We are excited. Our team is experienced and dedicated and the base of our membership diverse Founding Members.




How bUnited got started. 
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bUnited is the outgrowth of the frustration we see all over the world.

In most countries people are disappointed with their governments. There is not much action as our world gets increasingly unfair and unsustainable. And big companies are not helping - often treating us and our environment poorly while pursuing profits that their competitive world demands.

And We (as in We the People of this planet), seem powerless to ‘fix it’.

bUnited changes all that.




Johannes, Ozan, and I are all business people, (two Stanford MBAs and one Fulbright Scholar). All of us have worked in big companies and small companies. We know that most people running these companies are not evil. They are just following ‘the Money’.

And what really runs companies? - It's ‘the Money’. With money you can hire people, buy goods and services and everything else. So Money is the real driver of business.

We (as in We the People), are the largest suppliers of Money to businesses. Over 60% of the world’s economy is consumer spending.

This means, We (as in We the People) already have the power We need to ‘fix’ the evils We see in the world right now.

All We need to do is UNITE.




To make bUnited good not only for people who join, but also for companies that partner with bUnited, we worked with:

  • Thousands of consumers in over 50 countries.
  • Large companies in many industries.

We learned a lot and one result was the creation of Get Paid to Unite. Companies are spending billions of dollars in advertising with Google and Facebook (and others). When we talked to them, we found out that if they could, they would much rather give that money to their customers.

bUnited lets them do exactly that.




The promise of bUnited is quite large. 'Everyone will join it, there is no reason not to.' Professor Steve Cohen said that 'bUnited allows for a whole new force in the economy, the customer. And the customer will then really be King.'

We recently signed a great agreement with Vodafone in Germany. It is a good example of what can be achieved. They believe in bUnited. Even before we are big enough to be their biggest customer, they have given us pricing that is lower than any price in Germany for their products and services.

As our membership grows, we add to our power. We will be able to reward partner companies with a huge number of new customers. In return, we will want not only the lowest prices and best service, but real changes in business practices. We can reward companies for their environmentally sustainable processes - and we can check to make sure they are really doing what they say they are doing.

So expectations are high. We aim to deliver on them.





Unite as many people as you can in bUnited. We (as in We the People) all win when we are united.



Thanks for joining us.



It's free and always will be.



It's free and always will be.