bUnited’s goal is to give members the lowest prices on everyday products and services that they are already buying - prices that are significantly lower than can be found anywhere else.



On average members will save 20% to 30% on things they are already buying. Read more

Big groups get big discounts. So do we. Our price will always be the lowest. Nowhere else will you pay less than you will as a bUnited member. We have found that in most countries and most categories members' savings will be 20% to 30%. The actual savings will vary by the type of product and service and what country you are in.

Some categories that we have experience in include:

Mobile Service: 20% to 30% off best price
Car Insurance: 20% to 25% off best price
Electricity: 10% to 30% off best price



The more people you invite to bUnited, the faster we will be able to get partner companies in your country. So, help bUnited become the biggest customer in your country - invite your friends (and get paid doing it).

Here is the list of countries we will be active in at launch:

North America, more

U.S. (inc. US Territories), Canada and Mexico.

Europe, more

All EU countries (including UK) plus, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Bosnia, and Montenegro.

Asia / Oceania, more

China (inc. Hong Kong), India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

South / Central America, more

Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Uruguay.

Middle East / Africa, more

Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya, Iran, UAE, Algeria, Uganda, Angola, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Mozambique, Madagascar, Cameroon, Qatar, and Kuwait.

If your country is not listed, you can still sign up and Get Paid to Unite. But it may be more than a year before we open operations in your country to negotiate discounts.


“bUnited is growing to a size where all companies will have to partner with bUnited to stay in business.”

Professor Stephen S. Cohen
University of California, Berkeley

“bUnited is growing to a size where all companies will have to partner with bUnited to stay in business.”

Professor Stephen S. Cohen
University of California, Berkeley



As a bUnited member you will be able to save on most products and services that you are already buying. bUnited is in active negotiations with major companies. Read more

While many brands/companies are country specific, (like Verizon and AT&T in mobile service in the US), some are more international (e.g. Shell, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Vodafone, VW/Audi, Mercedes, Ford, Lyft, Star Alliance Airlines, Microsoft, Apple, Allianz Insurance, Toyota, Nestle, Wyndham). bUnited will be pursuing the top two or three competitors in each category in each country to negotiate with.

Our current pipeline of products and services includes these categories:

Communications - mobile services, more

Mobile services, landline, internet access, cable, etc.

Entertainment - Netflix, Disney, concerts, more

Streaming services (e.g. Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Disney, etc.), theaters (live & movie), theme parks, concert/show tickets, toys/games, sports equipment/access/tickets, etc.

Utilities - electricity, more

Electricity, natural gas, etc.

Travel - airlines, hotels, Expedia, more

Major distributors (e.g. Expedia, Booking.com), major suppliers (airlines, hotels, vacation rental, car rental, trains, cruises, etc.)

Automotive - new cars, fuel, more

New cars, used cars, temporary cars, fuel/gasoline, maintenance & repairs (incl. parts)

Insurance - car insurance, more

Auto, home, health, life, liability

Food - supermarkets, restaurants, more

Restaurants, grocery stores, food brands, food delivery services

Household Products - appliances, furniture, more

Appliances, cleaning/maintenance supplies, repairs, furniture, rugs/carpet, drapes, tools, kitchen items, bathroom items, etc.

Health - pharmacy, medical care, more

Pharmacy (drugs), supplies (bandages, wheelchairs, etc.), medical facilities and care, dental care, spas, assisted living, etc.

Electronics - cell phone, computer, more

Phone, computer, television, audio, games/toys, etc.

Personal Products - clothing, cosmetics, more

Clothing, footwear, beauty, personal care, jewelry, watches, etc.

Finance - banking, loans, more

Banks, investment funds/advice, loans, credit cards, etc.

Other Products and Services more

Education/training, shipping (UPS), moving, accounting/taxes, legal services, pet care, etc.



bUnited will be supporting local businesses. Read more

Saving money and saving the world isn’t only about big companies. In 2019, we will build a platform where local businesses can enter their own offers to bUnited members. In this way, bUnited members can enjoy the benefits of the large membership and still support the local suppliers in their communities.



No. At bUnited, nobody needs to buy anything - but ‘everyone’ will. Read more

bUnited is not about you consuming more. It is about you paying less for the things you are already buying: like phone service, car insurance, concert tickets, hotels... you name it.

Why? Because big groups get big discounts. And thanks to you, bUnited is becoming the biggest group of consumers in the world.

As a bUnited member you save an average of 20% to 30% on products and services you are already buying. You never have to buy anything. But if you are like most people, you will prefer to pay less. That is why most people will buy at bUnited.



It's free and easy.